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Jazzy159 weekend lineup

Hey family this has been very challenging

times for everyone, personal, family and definitely business. Through it all together we can turn this thing around. Jazzy159 is 100% COVID 19 compliant. Per Govenor Pritzker all businesses in Southern IL must close at 11pm. For us that means closing 2 hours early, alao no congregating at the Bar, all drinks and food orders will be taken by our Super crew "The Jazzy Girls" no standing around congregating inside, you must be seated. We are doing everything we can to ensure your time spent inside well as outside of Jazzy159 is what you have come to expect everytime you visit. With that here is your weekend lineup. Friday night we will light you up for the Glow party and Wil Robinson on the stage. Remember we are closing 2 hours early so come early. We are also opening tonight Thursday just to break up the cycle...6 to 10 pm...doors open at 5pm on Saturday

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